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About Us

Our Anglican Beliefs

The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and offers a modern take on ancient Christian traditions.

College Students

St. James reaches out to the local college community and we welcome students to visit, explore, and participate in our faith community.  

LGBTQ Inclusion

You are a child of God and living into who you know yourself to be is a sacred journey. We hope to support you wherever you are in your life. 

Our Building

St. James is the second-oldest church building in downtown Wooster. We love our location in the city’s heart and have renovated our building over the years to better serve our parish and community. We also treasure our stained glass windows.

Our History

Episcopalians have been worshipping in Wooster since services were first held in the courthouse in 1833. Both our parish and our building have experienced significant changes throughout the years.

Our Patron Saints

We claim both James "the Just" and James "the Great" as our patron saints.

Our parish hall is named after St. Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, who risked his life to oppose injustice.

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