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Strong Relationships with Local College Students

Wooster is a unique small city because it has multiple colleges and a large student population.  St. James embraces this facet of our local community and welcomes students, staff, and faculty to visit, explore, and participate in our faith community.



College Students are welcome at St. James whether they are coming from an Episcopal church at home, are exploring a different tradition, or have no relationship with a faith tradition. For many years, we have hired Choral Scholars who serve as section leaders in our choir. We also have students who offer their musical gifts in the choir and who play instruments from time to time.  Students are encouraged to participate in the church as much as they feel called. We have had students who have been lectors, chalice bearers, volunteered at our Saturday Community Lunch program, and also have served as members of our governing board as Vestry members.  There are faculty and staff who are members of the congregation and several College of Wooster departments have held their department retreats at St. James.

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