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Worship Ministries


Altar Guild

The ministry of the altar guild is to prepare our sanctuary so that we can “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” (Ps. 96:9)  Altar guild members set up everything needed for the celebration of the Eucharist, including bread, wine, vessels, linens, and flowers.  They decorate the sanctuary for the various seasons of the church year.



Greeters play a hugely important role in creating a welcoming environment on Sunday mornings. Greeters are members of our congregation who welcome people as they enter the church, hand out service bulletins, say “good morning”, and assist interested visitors in partnering with someone who can guide them through the service. Greeters also participate in the worship service by carrying the offering plates and the elements of bread and wine to the altar at the start of the Eucharistic Prayer.


Lay Readers & Chalice Bearers

Laity in the Episcopal Church are invited to share in the Eucharistic ministry by assuming the roles of Lay Readers or Chalice Bearers. Lay Readers read the lessons, lead the Psalm and offer the prayers of the people. Chalice Bearers, licensed by the Bishop, administer the chalice during communion. Lectors are not required to be licensed, and a short training session will prepare one for this office.


Acolytes & Crucifers

Anyone over 8 years of age is invited to join in the ministry of Crucifers and Acolytes. These people carry the cross and torches in procession. Other responsibilities include leading the Gospel procession, receiving the alms, bread and wine from the ushers, and assisting during communion. On Sundays and other events they assist the priest in various ways. Persons interested in serving should speak with the Priest; a short training is provided.



The mission of the choir at St. James is to enhance the Liturgy, the work of the people, in offering their praise to God. The choir is comprised of dedicated individuals, augmented by Choral Scholars from The College of Wooster. We are lucky to have a beautiful 1978 Schantz pipe organ and the choral repertoire ranges from the earliest music of the Anglican tradition to contemporary music.

New singers are always welcome!

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