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Worshiping with Kids at St. James

We love having children in church! It means the church is alive and that we are the Body of Christ, where everyone is included.

Children learn a great deal from being in church from their earliest years. We know that kids ask questions at the quietest moments and that parents can be easily embarrassed by this.  Don’t be, please. We are a small church without many young children, and we are delighted when they are with us even if it means that there is a little bit of extra noise.  We have a basket of quiet toys, books, and coloring books in the back of the church. Children are welcome to move around freely and play quietly in the space behind the pews.  Know that your children are welcome here and that they will know that they are cherished and loved by God and by the congregation.

Click the link below to read an amazing article about worshiping with children.  It sums up everything that we believe about the importance of bringing children to church.

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