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Are you from a different faith tradition?

We’re glad to have you join us for worship, no matter what pathway may have led you to our door.  St. James is a place were all are welcome to participate fully.

The Episcopal Church of the United States is a self-governing member of the Anglican Communion, the third-largest family of churches in the world.  It is often described as a “bridge church” that blends theology and traditions of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.  Parts of our worship service will look familiar to people from many different Christian denominations. 

As a sacramental faith, Episcopal worship incorporate rites such as Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist as visible signs of God’s grace.  It is also liturgical, meaning that it follows texts and traditions that have been handed down for many centuries, if not millennia.  The predictable structure and organization of the service means that all Episcopalians worship in similar ways every Sunday, no matter which church they attend.

The Episcopal Church believes that God loves you, without exception.  Its legacy of inclusion includes the ordination of people regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.  The Church promotes peace, justice, and equity as essential parts of a Jesus-centered life.


Parts of this description are adapted from St. Dunstan’s Church (Madison, Wisconsin) and from

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