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Prayer at St. James

Prayer not only changes those who are prayed for, but also the one who prays.

Individual Prayer-

The red front doors to our church are open every weekday from 9:00 a.m. to noon (paused during COVID).


Please feel free to use our sanctuary as a place for individual prayer or to just sit quietly in a peaceful spot.


Intentional Prayer for Others-

There are two ways we intentionally offer our prayers for others at St. James. The first is through the Prayers of the People during the scheduled services of worship, the second is through the Prayer Chain.

Prayers of the People

Each Sunday, and at other regularly scheduled services, we pray for the church and for the world, for those things we celebrate in each other's lives such as birthdays and anniversaries. We also pray for those in special need, the sick, and those who have died. We receive our names from the Prayer Requests submitted on the Prayer Board at the back of the church. A request is placed on the Prayer Board with the person's name who needs prayer, what we are praying for, and who is submitting it and their relationship to the person. We pray for them for one month unless notified otherwise. Requests can be renewed after a month.


Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is composed of people of who are intentional about praying daily for those who have prayer requests. They are known as the Prayer Warriors. A request can be submitted for one month at a time and can be open or confidential. Prayer requests should include the name (at least first), and what is the intention of the prayer.

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