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Music at St. James

The mission of the Music Ministry at St. James is to enhance the Liturgy, the work of the people, in offering their praise to God.



Our Music Director, Ned Brooks, our Organist, Jason Metheney and the Choir of St. James lead this mission. Music at St. James follows the Anglican/Episcopal tradition with service music, which changes seasonally according to the church year, and hymns selected mostly from the Hymnal 1982 but also from Lift Every Voice and Sing, Wonder Love and Praise, Voices Found, and My Heart Sings Out, and other sources.


Jason Metheney, playing on a 1978 Schantz pipe organ, offers great leadership in singing hymns and service music, helps us prepare for worship with preludes of reverence and beauty, and thrills and amuses us with postludes that are as unique and they are varied.


The choir is comprised of dedicated individuals, augmented by Choral Scholars from the College of Wooster. Choral repertoire ranges from the earliest music of the Anglican tradition to contemporary music. The choir sings at the Sunday service from September through May and rehearses Thursday evenings at 7. New singers are always welcome. Contact Ned Brooks or just show up.

Choir Rehearsal.jpeg
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