Worship Services and Weekly Events - Status Updates

All worship services and weekly church events (Bible study, committee meetings, etc.) are cancelled at this time due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the State of Ohio Stay-at-Home order.  Check back here regularly for updates and stay safe!

Saturday Lunch

Our Saturday Lunch program will continue on its regular schedule. All meals will be served take-out style to protect the health of our guests and volunteers.  Doors open for service at 11:30 a.m. each Saturday and service will end at 12:30 p.m. Low-risk volunteers are needed to help cook, package, and distribute meals.  

12-Step Meetings

12-Step Meetings will continue at the discretion of each group leader.  Schedules and cancellations will be posted on the door leading into the Community Room and offices (122 E. North St.).  

St. James - Together While We're Apart!

The People of St. James are doing everything possible to stay together even while we're apart!  


Our office staff is working from home, but we are checking voicemail messages regularly.  Call (330-262-4476) or email (office@stjameswooster.org) us anytime.

Prayer Requests- 

Please continue to send your prayer requests to the office (carrie@stjameswooster.org).  Evan will be sending out weekly prayers and intercessions for everyone to pray at home.

Pastoral Care- 

Please contact Evan with any pastoral care needs that you might have.

Running Errands- 

If you are high-risk, don't have private transportation, or are in isolation, we have low-risk members who are happy to run errands and bring food or medicine to your home.  Please contact Evan or the office to make arrangements.

Phone Lists and Staying in Contact with Each Other- 

We have set up phone lists to make sure that everyone in the parish is being contacted regularly.  We want to make sure that everyone is doing well both physically and mentally during this extraordinary time.  Contact Evan if you would like to make phone calls.

Online Worship Opportunities

Worship is the most important thing that we do together as a parish.  During this time when we cannot worship together in our own church, please check out the various worship opportunities that can be found online.  

National Cathedral- 


7:00 a.m. daily - Morning Prayer

7:00 p.m. daily- Evening Prayer

11:15 a.m. Sunday- Holy Eucharist

Various Times- Online Retreats

Trinity Cathedral Cleveland- 


10:00 a.m. Sunday- Holy Eucharist

Various Podcasts that you can listen to anytime

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